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Hi everyone, 4 days ago I got my first youtube channel hacked and there were like 10 auto uploaded videos by a bot or something, I deleted them all. But then today I woke up and my channel was gone. It was the same bot that uploaded those videos the other day.

This time around my account got suspended, I was really angry since that youtube channel was this close to monetize already.

The point is I checked my second youtube account and the same thing happened. (Which is the image I attached below, the bottom right two videos are mine, then the others are from that bot/malware I have now.

About the malware it’s a cmd file which opens up randomly every 10-15 mins. The thing is these break-ins into my accounts just happened when I got this malware. Never before.

I ran with Free KVRT Scanner, Avast and Microsoft Defender and none of them detected this malware.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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