The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 7.5 Community

Version 7.5 of the LibreOffice Community edition is now available. LibreOffice is, of course, the FOSS desktop office suite; version 7.5 brings new features to multiple parts of the tool, including major improvements to dark mode, better PDF exports, improved bookmarks in Writer, data tables for charts in Calc, better interoperability with Microsoft Office, and lots more.
Check out the release notes for further information.

LibreOffice 7.5 Community’s new features have been developed by 144
contributors: 63% of code commits are from the 47 developers employed by
three companies sitting in TDF’s Advisory Board – Collabora, Red Hat and
allotropia – or other organizations, 12% are from 6 developers at The
Document Foundation, and the remaining 25% are from 91 individual

Other 112 volunteers – representing hundreds of other people providing
translations – have committed localizations in 158 languages. LibreOffice
7.5 Community is released in 120 different language versions, more than any
other free or proprietary software, and as such can be used in the native
language (L1) by over 5.4 billion people worldwide. In addition, over 2.3
billion people speak one of those 120 languages as their second language

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