Setting The Scene: Company Core Values, Our Guiding Principles

Values drive people, people drive business, and business drives value

Only two years ago, Recorded Future was made up of [insert number] employees. This year, well be crossing a thousand employees worldwide. Employees, or Futurists as we call them, are the backbone of our organization and the reason for our success. They are made up of 35+ nationalities, speak 40+ languages, and are located in 15+ countries.

This success is possible because Futurists not only work towards the same mission, and have the same purpose, they also live out our core values.

Our Mission: Empower our clients with intelligence to disrupt adversaries.Our Purpose: Securing Our World With Intelligence

Values are the principles that inform your every decision. They act as guidelines when faced with various degrees of difficult situations, choices, and challenges. These values are the common rules that you live and work by. At a company level, values are an artifact of our culture, a way to voice employees ideals, what they care about, but also the behaviors that will lead them to success. Values are a way to build exceptional teams that will thrive even when faced with great obstacles.

Futurists are building something that makes a difference in the world. We are focused on creating long-term value and act without compromise. To do so, weve defined the core values that drive all of us forward.

We have high standards. Futurists set the bar high. We work purposefully to build the best and drive results.**We practice inclusion.** Futurists forge meaningful connections across the globe. We celebrate and respect each others differences.

We act ethically. Futurists do the right thing. We work together to make the world a safer place for each other, our clients, and our communities.

High standards, inclusion, and ethics drive Futurists to make the best possible decisions. When our people thrive and meaningful careers are built, long term value is created for all.

As we continue to grow, these values will guide existing and future employees across differences, cultures, and perspectives. If this resonates with you, we hope there might be a path for you here at Recorded Future. Learn more about our careers:

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