Rewterz Threat Alert – APT-C-35 aka Donot APT Group – Active IOCs



Analysis Summary

APT-C-35 (also known as “Donot APT Group”) is a cyber espionage group that has been active since at least 2013. The group is known for conducting cyber espionage and intellectual property theft, targeting government and military organizations, as well as companies in the aerospace, defense, and high-tech industries. Their activities have been observed in several countries, including the United States, Europe, and Asia.

They previously targeted Pakistani users with android malware named (StealJob) which was used to target Pakistani android mobile users by Phishing under the name of “Kashmiri Voice” The attackers hunt for confidential information and intellectual property. The hackers’ targets include countries in South Asia, in particular, the state sector of Pakistan. Also, in July 2022, the threat actor of this APT group used Comodo’s certificate to sign its spyware.

The group is known for using a variety of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) in their attacks, which include the use of spear-phishing emails, malware, and custom-developed tools. Donot APT group is known to be a well-funded and well-resourced group, with a high level of technical skill. They are also known to use techniques to evade detection, such as using encryption and fileless malware.

It is important for organizations to be aware of the threat posed by Donot APT group and to take steps to protect themselves from their attacks. This includes implementing security best practices, such as regular software updates and patching, and providing employee training on how to spot and avoid phishing emails. Additionally, organizations should also consider implementing security tools such as intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS), endpoint protection platforms (EPP), and advanced threat intelligence (ATI) to detect and respond to Donot APT group’s activities.

In the latest campaign, an SFX sample was observed targeting Kashmir named Kashmir Solidarity Day Material .exe


Information Theft and Espionage

Indicators of Compromise









Block all threat indicators at your respective controls.Search for Indicators of compromise (IOCs) in your environment utilizing your respective security controlsDo not download documents attached in emails from unknown sources and strictly refrain from enabling macros when the source isn’t reliable.Enable antivirus and anti-malware software and update signature definitions in a timely manner. Using multi-layered protection is necessary to secure vulnerable assetsAlong with network and system hardening, code hardening should be implemented within the organization so that their websites and software are secure. Use testing tools to detect any vulnerabilities in the deployed codes.

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