Security updates for Thursday

Security updates have been issued by Debian (chromium, libsdl2, and wireshark), Fedora (pesign, tpm2-tss, and webkitgtk), Oracle (hsqldb, krb5, libksba, tigervnc, and tigervnc and xorg-x11-server), Red Hat (openvswitch2.13, openvswitch2.15, openvswitch2.16, openvswitch2.17, rh-varnish6-varnish, tigervnc, and tigervnc and xorg-x11-server), Scientific Linux (tigervnc and xorg-x11-server), and SUSE (apache2, apache2-mod_security2, apr-util, netatalk, podman, python-swift3, rubygem-globalid, syslog-ng, and thunderbird).

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